Tour de Europe 2018

   Driving luxury Lamborghini cars in rainbow colours on sun-drenched roads throughout the old continent? That was not a dream. That was our Tour de Europe event made in cooperation with Lamborghini Prague on route Prague – Lienz – St Moritz – Lago di Como – Portovenere – Monaco – Saint Tropez on 8. – 16. September 2018.

     Sports cars in the cities – sports cars in the mountains – sports cars in the mountain passes – sports cars by the lake – sports cars by the sea – sports cars by the casino and sports cars at a luxury party. We were there. Admired by all, we were enjoying the present moments, with a smile on our lips and foot on the gas. We did so all together, our clients, our four-wheel loves and we – the organisers, who were there with our guests to meet their ad hoc requests and to safeguard the smooth running of the event, and who were there also as their friends and comrades enjoying the joy ride together. We aimed to provide our guests a mixed feeling of luxury, adventure, freedom, comfort, and joy on the background of the excellently organised event, where each new circumstance was a challenge to maximize the positive feelings. 

     Our guests were accommodated in premium hotels such as Hilton Prague, Grandhotel Lienz, Kempinski Grandhotel des Bains, Castadiva Resort & Spa, Grand Hotel Portovenere, Hotel Metropole, and Hotel Byblos. The hotel atmosphere was different each night and so the guests could enjoy a typical international city style one night and mountain fireplace, garden oasis or sea view the other nights. It goes without saying that our clients had also the possibility to enjoy SPA, that was in some places even advanced to a fashion experience (spa resort Le Voyage d´Ulysse in Metropole Hotel made by the one and only Karl Lagerfeld) or to a nature experience (floating pool on Lago di Como in Castadiva Resort & Spa). Continental breakfast was provided in the hotels, lunch was arranged in restaurants always after the request of drivers as soon as they started to feel hunger or tiredness while driving and dinners were organised following the agreement of all the guests, in order to ensure the best culinary experiences for everybody. 

     The routs were planned according to the preferences of the drivers, in order to bring joy, to enjoy the roads, surrounding nature and attractions related to luxury racing cars. So we drove through Susten Pass, Grossglockner Pass, Furka Pass, Passo San Gottardo, Grimsel Pass, Stelvio Pass and visited Lamborghini Factory and Ferrari Museum. 

     On the last day, the party on roads turned into a party in a luxury beach club. The pulsing celebrate life atmosphere in Nikki Beach grabbed us. It was a cherry on top of an already sweet Tour.

Joy – Luxury – Adventure.

This and even more was the Tour de Europe 2018.